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How to add Windows Templates on Virtualizor

How to add Windows Templates on Virtualizor
Written by MD Abu Bakkar

Are you looking to manage and deploy virtual machines efficiently? Virtualizor is a powerful web-based VPS Control Panel that simplifies the process with just a single click. With Virtualizor, users can create identical servers effortlessly. While Linux template creation is straightforward, the process for Windows templates in Virtualizor differs slightly. This versatile control panel supports virtualization platforms such as KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, and LXC, offering an inclusive and user-friendly experience.

Additionally, Virtualizor provides ready-made OS Templates, allowing for quick and convenient server configuration. By downloading the desired client OS template to the specified location, such as /var/virtualizor/Xen or KVM, users can effortlessly save time and effort. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Virtualizor’s Windows template, including the latest version of the Windows OS template (windows-2022).

Why do you need to use templates?

Templates are incredibly useful when it comes to creating servers. A template serves as a master copy of the server configuration and can easily include all the software customizations you need. By selecting the server type and adding the necessary programs to the template, you can save time and effort in creating new servers. Virtualizor allows you to create servers based on these templates, making the process even easier. While Virtualizor provides default templates on their website, sometimes customers may have specific requirements that go beyond what the default templates offer.

For example:

cd /var/virtualizor/kvm


Then to extract the template run :


For example:

gunzip windows-2022.img.gz

In conclusion, Virtualizor emerges as a powerful and user-friendly web-based VPS Control Panel that simplifies the management and deployment of virtual machines. Whether you are creating Linux or Windows servers, Virtualizor streamlines the process with its intuitive interface and one-click functionality. With support for various virtualization platforms like KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, and LXC, Virtualizor offers flexibility and caters to diverse user needs. The provision of ready-made OS Templates further enhances the efficiency of server configuration, enabling users to save valuable time and effort. While Virtualizor provides default templates, customers with specific requirements can also explore customizations beyond the defaults. By leveraging the power of templates, Virtualizor empowers users to effortlessly create servers that meet their unique needs, making it an invaluable tool for virtualization management.

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